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Summit analyses digital traces of work-related activities. Summit deals with automatically generated log data, it extracts and visualizes valuable data and performs analysis with data mining and natural language processing methods.

Project data analysis

This module focuses on creating valuable insights from data to give a better understanding of each project execution based on historical data.

Individual data analysis

This module aims at analyzing the original data for each employee within a company along four dimensions:
Productivity, Communicativity, Teamwork and Code quality (optional).

Collaboration analysis

This module analyses how employees are working together to achieve the defined project goals.

Estimations and spent time tracking

This module aims at tracking and comparing time estimations and logged times for tasks to make more accurate estimates in the future.

Time spent prediction

This module uses natural language processing and data mining methods to highlight task characteristics, that affect the task solution time.

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Estimations and spent time analysis

It takes more time to solve some tasks than planned, some issues are completed earlier than expected. What can be a reason for that?

//planned module